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Nice things to have while on a camping trip.

Lake George Camping

Lake George, which is nicknamed Queen of American Lakes, is located on the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains in the state of New York. It drains to the north into Lake Champlain and eventually into the St. Lawrence River. The lake was formed at the end of the last ice age by glaciers that dammed up two rivers. Lake George is over thirty miles long and has 170 islands with camping on 44 of them. The west side of the lake is known as “millionaire’s row” because of the many mansions built there during the 1920s and 1930s by wealthy people as their summer homes.

Camping in Lake George offers a large variety of activities from fishing, hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding, and scuba diving to name a few. The biggest attraction is the Adirondack Balloon Festival, with over 100 hot air balloons, which is held in mid-September. “Lake George Reflections: Island History and Lore” is an excellent book to read if you are considering camping Lake George. It is the definitive book on Lake George Island camping. It also discusses the history of the islands and even discusses environmental impacts on the area. You can find any kind of camping accommodations from a Lake George camping resort to Lake George island camping if camping Lake George is on your list of things to do.

Lake George Escape Camping Resort is the premiere in Lake George NY camping. It has over 575 camping and RV sites with full electric hook up for camping trailers, popups or family tents. They also have 50 log cabin rentals. This Lake George camping resort has everything including a lodge, 1 mile of waterfront, a stocked camping store, laundromat, modern bath facilities with camping shower and hot water, planned family activities, and even a shuttle to take campers to area attractions like Howe Caverns and Cooperstown. They have canoes, kayaks and boats for rent for campers looking to do some fishing or lounging on the lake. Camping Lake George at Lake George Escape Camping Resort is more like spending time at a luxury resort.

Lake George Island camping does not have the luxuries of the Lake George camping resort but it offers more of a back to nature experience for the camper looking to get away from civilization. There are three main island groups when camping in Lake George: Long Island group, Glen Island group and Narrow Island group. Some islands are large and can accommodate large groups of people interested in camping in Lake George while some are small with only two or three tent sites. All islands are state owned and have picnic tables and camping toilet facilities. If you’re looking for solitude and privacy you can try Hermit Island. Hermit Island is a one tent island with a dock for a boat. It is surrounded by trees but sunny enough to enjoy fishing and swimming. If you want to be around more people you can camp on Turtle Island which has 33 tent sites. There is no camping shower or water on the island so make sure to bring your own. The Coleman Water Carrier holds 5 gallons of water and is ideal for Lake George island camping.

Coleman 5 Gallon Water Carrier
Carry fresh water with you to any of the Lake George islands you plan on visiting.

Lake George NY camping is an adventure that could take years to accomplish with its variety of islands and activities. Whether you prefer Lake George island camping or a plush Lake George camping resort you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Situated in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, camping in Lake George is an escape from hectic city living.

Photo Credit: By Jelson25 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Experience Yurt Camping

Would you be interested in trying a different type of camping other than tents or camping trailers? Next time you decide to take a camping adventure why not try Yurt camping? It sounds exotic and in a way it is. Yurt camping is another way for campers to get back to nature without all the bother of setting up a tent or getting your camping trailer hooked up. A camping Yurt is a circular wooden, latticed structure with a fabric exterior. Its design comes from the Yurts found in the nomadic regions of central Asia. It has a single large room often with a bed or beds, sofa, chairs and cooking area. A camping Yurt can often have a shower area as well. The Yurt can be the ultimate in luxury camping with heat, A/C and running water or it can be a rustic Yurt with no modern conveniences. “The Complete Yurt Handbook” details everything you might want to know about Yurts and their origin.

The camping yurt was introduced to the United States in 1978 by a company called Pacific Yurts. They first produced Yurts for ski resorts. In 1993, Oregon State Parks was the first state park system in the United States to introduce yurt camping to their campers. Since that time, 17 US states have introduced Yurt camping in their state parks. Yurt camping Oregon took off and there are 19 main campgrounds, including the State Park, which offer Yurt camping to campers.

Yurt Interior
This gives you an idea of (depending on the size) how much can fit into a yurt.

Yurt camping California sites can be found in its state parks and county parks as well as other major camping areas including Yosemite and Tahoe. The Strawhouse Resort, in Tahoe, has luxury Yurt camping available. It has a loft, with skylight, as well as the regular large room. Bamboo flooring, a claw foot bathtub, queen size bed and stereo surround sound make this Yurt camping an indulgent experience. This Yurt also has heat, A/C and an electric fireplace. The price is quite a bit more expensive than those found in Yosemite Pines which come with a futon, bunk beds, no showers, and no heat. You might consider taking a Mr. Heater Propane Buddy Portable Heater with you for cold nights. With 4,000-9,000 BTU radiant heat it should keep the Yurt nice and warm since open flames are not allowed. Shower facilities are within walking distance of the Yurt.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater
An easy way to keep you warm during your yurt camping experience.

Yurt camping Canada is growing in popularity moving eastward from British Columbia where Yurt camping has been around for many years. Yurt camping Ontario can be found in Ontario provincial parks including Algonquin Provincial Park. Algonquin Provincial Park has 8 Yurts which can be rented year round. These are not luxury camping Yurts but more rustic. They have beds and electric heat and one electrical outlet. You will have to bring an electric skillet if you plan on doing indoor cooking because cooking with an open flame is not allowed in these Yurts. The Presto Electric Skillet with Diamond Coat would be ideal. It has plenty of room to roast, grill, fry, stew, or bake meals. Of course, you can always bring a camp stove but prepared to cook outside.

Electric Skillet with Diamond Coat
Easily cook while enjoying your yurt experience. Just make sure you’ll have electricity.

Yurt camping has also made its way to the UK where it is considered “glamping”. “Glamping” means glamour camping and Yurts are considered a step up in camping. You will find many Yurt camping UK sites in rural areas set up amid wildflowers, meadows and lakes. The Lovely Yurt Company is nestled among 20 acres of private woodland in Lake District National Park overlooking the largest natural lake in England—Lake Windermere. The camping Yurt has a wood burning stove, solar powered lighting and shower fed by a nearby stream. Beautiful wildflowers bloom all around outside. Hidden Valley Yurts are situated among the farmlands of the Wye Valley. The Yurts are felt lined and come with complete kitchen and bath facilities. They have decks to overlook 80 acres of wildflower and meadow. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the farm life with the alpacas, Jacob sheep and chickens. Yurt camping UK is definitely not camping in the ordinary sense of the word.

If you enjoy camping but would like to experience something different try Yurt camping. Chances are that wherever you may live you can find a state park or campground that offers Yurt camping. It is more convenient than tent camping and gives you the opportunity to experience your camping vacation in a new way. Who knows, Yurt camping might be the next big trend.

Are Fifth Wheel Campers For You?

If you’ve enjoyed the camping life and have decided to make a commitment to enjoying camping on a regular basis you might want to consider investing in a fifth wheel camper. Fifth wheel campers offer the regular camper a more comfortable and convenient means of camping. Purchasing a fifth wheel camper requires research and an evaluation of your needs. We will examine some of the questions you should ask before signing your name on the dotted line.

The first question you will want to ask yourself is what kind of camping you plan to do. Do you want to be a fulltime camper or an occasional weekend camper? This might help you decide if you want to look at small fifth wheel campers or luxury fifth wheel campers. If you’re a weekend camper you might not need all the amenities of luxury fifth wheel campers and might look at small fifth wheel campers. Also, consider the vehicle you will use to tow your fifth wheel camper. Luxury fifth wheel campers can be heavier and might need a larger vehicle to tow them. The second question you might want to ask yourself is what type of amenities you are looking for in fifth wheel campers. Fifth wheel campers can be as simple as you like or as luxurious as you want. How many bedrooms would you like? Small fifth wheel campers may have only one separate bedroom with pull out couches for additional sleeping space. Luxury fifth wheel campers can have two or three separate bedrooms. Fifth wheel campers can have everything from solar power, ice makers in refrigerators, ceiling fans, A/C controls for bedrooms, large screen TVs, and even a trailer wide stereo system. Many fifth wheel campers come with an awning which allows cover for your picnic table and folding camp chairs. Or, you can invest in your own, easy to install awning like the Carefree Vinyl Awning and save some money.

Vinyl Awning - Fifth Wheel Camping
Grab some shade and relax.

You need to decide what amenities you would like depending on the type of camping you’re going to do. After you’ve decided on the type of camping you’re going to do and what amenities you like in fifth wheel campers you need to decide on a budget. How much do you want to spend on a fifth wheel camper? If you’re going to be a weekend camping warrior you might want to consider looking at used fifth wheel campers. You can find used fifth wheel campers for sale in many places including an RV dealership, in RV World magazine, in your local newspaper, and even online in various sites. If you want to make camping a fulltime lifestyle you can find either new fifth wheel campers for sale or gently used fifth wheel campers for sale at RV dealerships or recreational expos as well as online. You need to purchase insurance on fifth wheel campers. Be sure to add this cost into your budget when considering the purchase.

If you do decide to purchase a fifth wheel camper make sure to protect your investment. An important accessory for fifth wheel campers is a protective cover when the fifth wheel camper is parked and not in use.
Traveler Series Fifth Wheel Campers Cover
Cover up your investment to protect it through inclement weather!

The Travelers Series Fifth Wheel Cover is made with water repellant material that is UV and mildew resistant. Cleaning and maintenance of fifth wheel campers is also something to consider when purchasing. Do you want to spend some of your precious camping time doing housework or running the fifth wheel camper through the carwash? Fifth wheel campers are luxury camping. If you want to make camping a fulltime pursuit consider the world of fifth wheel campers. With the variety in used fifth wheel campers and new fifth world campers you’re sure to find something to meet your camping needs.

Adventures in Camping Trailers

Have you thought you might like to try camping but don’t want to bother with all the poles and instructions involved in tent setup? Or, maybe sleeping on the cold hard ground doesn’t exactly excite you. A camping trailer might be the answer you’re looking for. There are different types of camping trailers available for the would-be adventurer. You can invest in a luxury camping trailer large enough to be hauled behind a pickup truck that comes complete with furniture, appliances (like a camping fridge), air conditioning, shower facilities, camping toilet and even satellite TV making you feel you’re in a home away from home. On the other hand, if you’re a motorcycle or off-road fan you can purchase a small camping trailer that can be pulled behind you on your travels. There are many options available and we’ll take a look at a couple of them.

Larger camping trailers are classified as either travel trailers, like fifth wheel campers, or pop up campers. These camping trailers are pulled behind a vehicle using a tow bar. Travel trailers and pop up campers can be small enough to sleep 2 people or large enough for 8-10 people. They have slide out extensions, which are easily pulled out when parked, providing more room in the trailer. They can be connected to a power source at a camping facility or to a portable camping generator providing the convenience of electricity for lighting and running appliances like the camping fridge. These camping trailers generally need to be on level surface and have jacks to keep the trailer in place while parked. Many camping enthusiasts, who spend a lot of time traveling, enjoy the comfort and conveniences of the travel trailer or pop up camper.

Small camping trailers are ideal for motorcycle travelers or hunters. Motorcycle camping trailers or off road camping trailers must be compact and aerodynamic enough to be pulled behind the vehicle. One example of motorcycle camping trailers is the Solace Motorcycle Camping Trailer.

Camping Trailers
That’s correct, this IS a motorcycle camping trailer!

The Solace camping trailer is pulled behind the vehicle and sets up easily in 5 minutes. It comes complete with many extras including an air mattress, cooler rack combo and air conditioning stand. Headroom in the trailer is 6’7” and there is room for two people to sleep and dine in the small camping trailer. There is also extra storage room, in the trailer, for accessories including a light camping generator like the portable Yamaha EF2000iS which provides power enough for charging vehicle batteries or operating lamps, small appliances or radio. While motorcycle camping trailers don’t have the luxury of the full-size camping trailers they do provide a measure of comfort and shelter for those weekend getaways or cross-country trips.

On the go power with this easy to use gas camping generator.
On the go power with this easy to use gas camping generator.

You can find camping trailers for sale, in a variety of price ranges, in several different locations. One place to look for new or used camping trailers would be at your local RV or camping dealership. You can find many new camping trailers for sale that come complete with the latest and most modern updates. Many RV dealers have pre-owned or used camping trailers that have been traded in by owners looking to purchase a newer model. You can also find camping trailers for sale at recreational expos. Many areas around the country have a yearly RV and boat show where new models of camping trailers are on display. Used camping trailers can be found advertised in your local newspaper or you can find them online through many different sites. The convenience, comfort and assortment of camping trailers make it an option any camper should bear in mind when planning your next vacation or weekend adventure.

Note: Long distance bicycling is also popular and they do make camping trailers for bicycles.

Quality Folding Camping Chairs

Camping is partly about getting away from everything thing at least that’s what many people are trying to achieve. But underneath that is the desire to relax. To sit still and take it all in. To find your inner peace. To connect with nature around you and your loved ones that you’re sharing your space with. But for everyone to be able to relax it’s usually nice to sit down. Whether sitting on the side of a river and casting a lure, around a campfire and enjoying playing a song, or near a grill about to eat, it’s nice to have some folding camping chairs.

There are many options for seating in the wilderness. You could plop yourself down next to a tree, roll a log over to your campsite to sit on, chop up some seats, or just sit in the grass. But to avoid all of the dirt and bugs, and to give your back a rest after a day of hiking, you’ll probably want to consider getting yourself and the members of your family some camping folding chairs. Camping chairs are nice because they generally last a long time, you should be able to get years and years of use out of each of them.

Some things to keep in mind (similar to most camping purchases) are where you are going, how long you’ll be gone (short trips might not require luxury camping items), and how much space you’ll have to bring gear. If you’re going on a backpacking trip and full fledged camping chair will be hard to bring along, but there are still options for you.

Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 Original Chair
Minimalistic in design, this backpacking chair can go with you wherever you go without adding weight.

If you have a truck or car (with some trunk space) you have a few more options. You’ll be able to fit some more comfortable chairs with ease. Here are a few examples. Make sure to look for pockets and drink holders when considering different types of chairs.

Folding Camping Chairs
A folding chair that holds up to 800lbs? Yup. You heard correctly, this not only is lightweight but very strong… watch the video on amazon for an in-depth description.

If you’re looking for a folding camping table and chairs I would suggest purchasing the them separately. This way you can really find what you’re looking for, in a table, and in the chairs.

TIP: Keep in mind that some camping locations have some seating (or a picnic bench) available to sit on, although they aren’t the most comfortable if you’re looking to kick back and relax a bit.

If you’re in Europe and looking for folding camping chairs UK (specifically)- Tesco will have some available for you.

Finally if you have a lot of space (like a camping trailer) to spare there are some really comfy chairs to sink into after a long day of activities!

Kick back and relax in this comfortable camping folding chair.
Kick back and relax in this comfortable camping folding chair.

And as a side note: A camping folding table and chairs can be purchased together but you have a better variety to choose from if you buy separately. Check out this article that discusses camping tables by clicking here!

Folding chairs camping style. The nice thing about these is that they’re nice to have around the house too! They’re great for fall bbq’s, a neighborhood gathering, graduation party, etc… They’re also nice to have at the cabin to sit on while watching the sunset with your loved ones. And once you’re done you can simply fold them up and put them away without taking up much space.