If you’ve enjoyed the camping life and have decided to make a commitment to enjoying camping on a regular basis you might want to consider investing in a fifth wheel camper. Fifth wheel campers offer the regular camper a more comfortable and convenient means of camping. Purchasing a fifth wheel camper requires research and an evaluation of your needs. We will examine some of the questions you should ask before signing your name on the dotted line.

The first question you will want to ask yourself is what kind of camping you plan to do. Do you want to be a fulltime camper or an occasional weekend camper? This might help you decide if you want to look at small fifth wheel campers or luxury fifth wheel campers. If you’re a weekend camper you might not need all the amenities of luxury fifth wheel campers and might look at small fifth wheel campers. Also, consider the vehicle you will use to tow your fifth wheel camper. Luxury fifth wheel campers can be heavier and might need a larger vehicle to tow them. The second question you might want to ask yourself is what type of amenities you are looking for in fifth wheel campers. Fifth wheel campers can be as simple as you like or as luxurious as you want. How many bedrooms would you like? Small fifth wheel campers may have only one separate bedroom with pull out couches for additional sleeping space. Luxury fifth wheel campers can have two or three separate bedrooms. Fifth wheel campers can have everything from solar power, ice makers in refrigerators, ceiling fans, A/C controls for bedrooms, large screen TVs, and even a trailer wide stereo system. Many fifth wheel campers come with an awning which allows cover for your picnic table and folding camp chairs. Or, you can invest in your own, easy to install awning like the Carefree Vinyl Awning and save some money.

Vinyl Awning - Fifth Wheel Camping

Grab some shade and relax.

You need to decide what amenities you would like depending on the type of camping you’re going to do. After you’ve decided on the type of camping you’re going to do and what amenities you like in fifth wheel campers you need to decide on a budget. How much do you want to spend on a fifth wheel camper? If you’re going to be a weekend camping warrior you might want to consider looking at used fifth wheel campers. You can find used fifth wheel campers for sale in many places including an RV dealership, in RV World magazine, in your local newspaper, and even online in various sites. If you want to make camping a fulltime lifestyle you can find either new fifth wheel campers for sale or gently used fifth wheel campers for sale at RV dealerships or recreational expos as well as online. You need to purchase insurance on fifth wheel campers. Be sure to add this cost into your budget when considering the purchase.

If you do decide to purchase a fifth wheel camper make sure to protect your investment. An important accessory for fifth wheel campers is a protective cover when the fifth wheel camper is parked and not in use.
Traveler Series Fifth Wheel Campers Cover

Cover up your investment to protect it through inclement weather!

The Travelers Series Fifth Wheel Cover is made with water repellant material that is UV and mildew resistant. Cleaning and maintenance of fifth wheel campers is also something to consider when purchasing. Do you want to spend some of your precious camping time doing housework or running the fifth wheel camper through the carwash? Fifth wheel campers are luxury camping. If you want to make camping a fulltime pursuit consider the world of fifth wheel campers. With the variety in used fifth wheel campers and new fifth world campers you’re sure to find something to meet your camping needs.

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