Check Out These Camping Gadgets For Men

If you are looking for a gift idea, whether it is for Christmas or a birthday then look no further because we have come up with some top choices of camping gadgets for men – women love them too – but these gadgets are ‘manly’ gadgets which will keep men quiet for hours on end and will actually come in useful for something.  If your other half is a camping fanatic then we have all the answers below. Bringing technology and nature together who knew that these camping gadgets take camping to new heights. We have even picked out neat camping chairs and even drones to please the man in your life so you can pick something ultra-unique and ultra-special. Check out our coolest picks below.

Selk’bag Captain America Sleeping Bag

We know a sleeping bag isn’t a gadget but it is something you can’t do without when camping and we love this Captain America wearable sleeping bag which will really please your other half. They can eat and drink by the campfire and then fall into the tent without having to worry about fitting and zipping up sleeping bags. It has an insulated hood which will keep your ears warm, it has a quick release system so you can easily get your hands out of the sleeping bag, the hip zipper allows you to easily reach into your pockets, the botties can also be detached so you can wear your own shoes when outside and it comes in four sizes so is made to fit every shape!

Selk’bag do a whole range of similar wearable sleeping bags including spider man, the incredible hulk and even the iron man. This is a neat present which will make your other half smile and you can even get matching ones for the whole family. They are great value for money and can be used as an extra layer of clothing when out in the cold. This is a must have for any camping fanatic!

Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

This green and black stylish camping kitchen set is great for any man who loves to cook on the BBQ. It includes two kitchen knives, a built in ceramic sharpener, a locking drawer for the knives, a drip channel around the board and non-slip rubber footing. We love this nifty item because it is perfect for camping, it fits compactly into your luggage and it means you can transport your kitchen knives with safety.

Camping gadgets for men

The best camping gadgets for men are here!

If your man loves to try his hand at chopping and grilling then buy this for him to give him a jump start. You never know, he might actually like it and start to cook more at home!

Satechi LightMate Emergency LED Flashlight with 2200mAh Power Bank USB Port and Rechargeable Battery

This really versatile gadget works as a breaker, a charger and a light so in the event of the end of the world you can be guaranteed light and the battery on your phone not to die. This is a

high-brightness, portable LED light – safe, long lasting, and highly visible, it is safe and efficient mobile power – 2200mAh power bank USB charging port with cable included, it has a long-distance flash light – 5 different lighting modes: bright, medium, dim, SOS, and strobe, it has a high-strength alloy steel emergency glass breaker and it is waterproof and durable – can withstand inclement weather, accidental submersion, or spills.

We love this flashlight and is one of the items we are going to be adding to our survival kit list!

AirDog – The Action Sports Drone

When camping the one thing people sometimes to forget is pictures because they are having too much fun with outdoor activities. This drone is easy to use and has a dedicated flight mode for every action and sport. It is super compact to carry around making it a perfect gadget to use when camping. It has a wrist controller which is waterproof so you can maintain full focus on the action going on around you while still being able to capture it.

It has a ground collision avoidance on board so you can ensure it won’t fall apart to pieces when in use and it has a top speed of 44 mph so you can catch all those exciting outdoor sports from a bird’s eye view and it also has a wind resistance of up to 28 knots. It includes batteries, a charger, a wrist controller and propellers.

We love this neat creation and couldn’t be more excited about the new drones which are coming out next season. If you want to please your other half and if they are both gadget and camping mad then buy this and film your next game of baseball at the campsite or even film the next time you go surfing.

Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair

We couldn’t help but add this neat loveseat to our list even though it isn’t a gadget because let’s be honest, what man wouldn’t love to cuddle up to his other half by the campfire in a comfy loveseat camp seat! This one comes in lime green and black so it will make you stand out from the crowd and each chair has a cup holder so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a drink or two together. The two convenient backseat pockets can allow you to store your books and phones and it folds away really easily for transportation.

Victorinox Swiss Army Camper II Pocket Knife

Last but not least we have the classical gadget which every man will love. A swiss army camping survival knife which has everything you need in one compact, pocket item. The champion plus version has so many versatile tools which will come handy to anyone who loves to camp, fish, hike or hunt. It has 30 individual tools such as screwdrivers, bottle openers, can openers, files, hooks, saws and is crafted in switzerland with a lifetime warranty.

This item is a great gift for anyone and is so versatile and is great to have in your backpack when camping. Be assured any man will love this nifty gadget.

Other Camping Gadget Ideas…

Alongside the obvious army knife and camping seat there are so many things you can buy as a gift for any camping lover. Try looking at the smart compasses which have recently come out or even the smartwatches which everyone has fallen in love with. Buy a portable speaker if your camping fanatic loves music or buy some BBQ skewers if they love to cook! The choices are endless but we picked the products above because they are great value for money and will bring a smile to anyone’s face. If you want something extra special then go for personalised items like engraved compasses or water bottles. Have a look at ordering a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Happy Camper’ for example.

Camping gadgets for men

Buy a smart gadget today and please your loved one!

For the ones who like to wear clean clothes every day we even have portable washing machines and a portable coffee makers so you can have that burst of caffeine before anyone else gets up. With today’s technology we have seen gadgets that help you get a phone signal when you don’t have one, gadgets that charge up your phone and other items through a USB solar powered port and even blankets which fold down to the size of penny. If you can think of it then it has probably been invented, right down to waterproof notebooks and backpacks that fold out into a tent. A lot of the gadgets we have researched aren’t entirely practical for campers but if you want to go camping and have some home comforts with you then try out some of these gadgets. We even came across a waterproof, smart umbrella which alerts you when you forget it or if it’s going to rain anytime soon. Buy a smart gadget today and please your loved one!

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