If you’re a seasoned camper you know how a camping heater can make the difference between enjoying your camping adventure and wishing you were back home. Even if you camp in the summer months, chances are nights can get cold and the idea of sleeping in a freezing tent or camping trailer is less than ideal. A camping heater can extend your camping season year round. In addition, washing dishes in cold water, in your camping sink, or taking a cold shower, in your camping shower, is not very appealing. A camping heater is not just for luxury camping, it is a necessity. We will take a look at different types of camping heaters and how they are essential for your camping venture.

You can find a camping heater fueled by various sources. If you’re in a pop up camper, camping trailer or RV you will probably be using either a propane camping heater or electric camping heater system. Many RVs, camping trailers and pop up campers come equipped with a camping furnace fueled by propane or electricity. If you’re at a facility with electric hookups, the electric camping heater is more cost effective. If you use your propane camping heater, and run it all night, you can expect to have to refill the tank every 3-4 days depending on the BTU of your furnace. If you’re in a tent and using a portable camping heater, like the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater, you can expect to have to change the smaller propane tank every 5 hours. The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater is a radiant heater and stays cool to the touch while doing a very efficient job of warming up cold rooms in a short span of time.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Camping Heater

Warm up quickly with this Portable Propane Camping Heater.

A camping gas heater can be a wonderful thing. It heats fairly quickly and is relatively safe. You should, however, make sure the size of your camping gas heater is appropriate for the space you’re heating. There is always a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the camping gas heater is too large for the area you’re in. A portable camping heater for a tent or small pop up camper should not be more than 5,000 BTU. This should be sufficient to heat the sleeping area. You also want to make sure your camping gas heater does not produce an open flame. This could be dangerous if the portable camping heater is accidentally tipped over.

A camping water heater is a necessity especially in cooler temperatures. There is nothing worse than being cold and having to take a cold shower in a camping shower or having to wash dishes in cold water in a camping sink. A camping water heater in an RV, camping trailer or pop up camper can be operated with electricity or propane. Again, efficiency and cost are factors in deciding which source to use. If electric hookups are available it will be more cost effective to use electricity to heat up your camping water heater. A camping water heater will use less propane than a camping furnace. However, if you run all your appliances in your RV, camping trailer or pop up camper on propane you can expect to be refilling your propane tank quite a bit. The Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater is an efficient camping water heater you might consider. It is a tankless camping water heater which uses propane and a water hookup so it can be used in any camping situation be it RV, camping trailer or even tent. You can set up an outdoor shower, hook up the Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater and enjoy hot water in your portable camping shower. This portable camping water heater will operate for 18 hours on one standard propane tank.

Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater - 5L

Heated showers are possible while camping!

A camping heater and camping water heater will greatly add to your comfort while you are enjoying your relaxing camping adventure. It brings a little bit of the coziness of home to even the most rustic setting. Nothing can replace the luxury of a hot shower and a warm bed. Investigate the type of camping heater that is right for your next outdoors vacation and be safe!

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