Would you be interested in trying a different type of camping other than tents or camping trailers? Next time you decide to take a camping adventure why not try Yurt camping? It sounds exotic and in a way it is. Yurt camping is another way for campers to get back to nature without all the bother of setting up a tent or getting your camping trailer hooked up. A camping Yurt is a circular wooden, latticed structure with a fabric exterior. Its design comes from the Yurts found in the nomadic regions of central Asia. It has a single large room often with a bed or beds, sofa, chairs and cooking area. A camping Yurt can often have a shower area as well. The Yurt can be the ultimate in luxury camping with heat, A/C and running water or it can be a rustic Yurt with no modern conveniences. “The Complete Yurt Handbook” details everything you might want to know about Yurts and their origin.

The camping yurt was introduced to the United States in 1978 by a company called Pacific Yurts. They first produced Yurts for ski resorts. In 1993, Oregon State Parks was the first state park system in the United States to introduce yurt camping to their campers. Since that time, 17 US states have introduced Yurt camping in their state parks. Yurt camping Oregon took off and there are 19 main campgrounds, including the State Park, which offer Yurt camping to campers.

Yurt Interior

This gives you an idea of (depending on the size) how much can fit into a yurt.

Yurt camping California sites can be found in its state parks and county parks as well as other major camping areas including Yosemite and Tahoe. The Strawhouse Resort, in Tahoe, has luxury Yurt camping available. It has a loft, with skylight, as well as the regular large room. Bamboo flooring, a claw foot bathtub, queen size bed and stereo surround sound make this Yurt camping an indulgent experience. This Yurt also has heat, A/C and an electric fireplace. The price is quite a bit more expensive than those found in Yosemite Pines which come with a futon, bunk beds, no showers, and no heat. You might consider taking a Mr. Heater Propane Buddy Portable Heater with you for cold nights. With 4,000-9,000 BTU radiant heat it should keep the Yurt nice and warm since open flames are not allowed. Shower facilities are within walking distance of the Yurt.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater

An easy way to keep you warm during your yurt camping experience.

Yurt camping Canada is growing in popularity moving eastward from British Columbia where Yurt camping has been around for many years. Yurt camping Ontario can be found in Ontario provincial parks including Algonquin Provincial Park. Algonquin Provincial Park has 8 Yurts which can be rented year round. These are not luxury camping Yurts but more rustic. They have beds and electric heat and one electrical outlet. You will have to bring an electric skillet if you plan on doing indoor cooking because cooking with an open flame is not allowed in these Yurts. The Presto Electric Skillet with Diamond Coat would be ideal. It has plenty of room to roast, grill, fry, stew, or bake meals. Of course, you can always bring a camp stove but prepared to cook outside.

Electric Skillet with Diamond Coat

Easily cook while enjoying your yurt experience. Just make sure you’ll have electricity.

Yurt camping has also made its way to the UK where it is considered “glamping”. “Glamping” means glamour camping and Yurts are considered a step up in camping. You will find many Yurt camping UK sites in rural areas set up amid wildflowers, meadows and lakes. The Lovely Yurt Company is nestled among 20 acres of private woodland in Lake District National Park overlooking the largest natural lake in England—Lake Windermere. The camping Yurt has a wood burning stove, solar powered lighting and shower fed by a nearby stream. Beautiful wildflowers bloom all around outside. Hidden Valley Yurts are situated among the farmlands of the Wye Valley. The Yurts are felt lined and come with complete kitchen and bath facilities. They have decks to overlook 80 acres of wildflower and meadow. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the farm life with the alpacas, Jacob sheep and chickens. Yurt camping UK is definitely not camping in the ordinary sense of the word.

If you enjoy camping but would like to experience something different try Yurt camping. Chances are that wherever you may live you can find a state park or campground that offers Yurt camping. It is more convenient than tent camping and gives you the opportunity to experience your camping vacation in a new way. Who knows, Yurt camping might be the next big trend.

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