Having a camp bed is almost always a luxury when camping. Reason being? Because camp beds take up space, and unless you’re living in the rv world or have ample carrying space you probably don’t have that much trunk room to give up, especially if you have a family. Some people cannot forgo having a camp bed because of back problems, so lets look at a few options that might work for anyone wanting or needing camp beds.

Are cots better than a blow up mattress? Or what about foam (solid) pads, should you go with that? How about backpacking pads?

A lot of people use a blow up air mattress because they are inexpensive and generally don’t take up to much space. For example, double camp beds are a nice because they don’t compromise giving you and a partner enough room to share the same space while giving sufficient support (be careful to find on that doesn’t deflate). They conveniently don’t take up much room in your vehicle and are easy to set up.

Intex Classic Downy Queen Camp Bed with 2 Pillows and Double Quick Hand Pump

Comfortable and easy to inflate (with provided hand pump), this inexpensive camp bed is a great way to get a good nights rest.

Now that you’re set up it’s time to figure out your children’s sleeping situation. Camp bunk beds are a good way to save space inside your tent (if you have a large enough tent). But they can be expensive. So here’s what I’d recommend if you have a couple of children. Get a 4 or 6 person tent, then buy an air mattress that can sleep all of you. Or here’s an even better idea. Since most kids don’t need much sleeping support get them a backpacking sleeping pad. Comfortable and easy to transport, a sleeping pad is versatile and usually inexpensive (and the foam ones don’t deflate!).

Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk XL

Bunk beds can be a great way to go if you have enough room to bring them along.

Camp beds UK Tesco has plenty of cheap options from single beds to all sizes if you live over-seas.

Similar to camping cots although more comfortable, folding camp beds (like a cot for example) save space and allow for conservative packing.

TETON Sports Universal Camp Cot Pad

Camping pads (like this one) can be used on your tent floor or on a cot.

You can find camp beds for sale here: at Amazon.com or at various other recreational websites/stores like REI or backcountry.

Most things are destination, amount of time spent, and who will all be going to specify exactly what you’ll need for your trip. Determining these things will help you to define whether you’ll be bringing your pop up camper or a family tent. If you’re going on an overnight hike you’ll probably be bringing your tent, in which case you’ll want to bring sleeping (backpacking) pads instead of a blow up mattress or cot because they pack so much smaller and are much lighter.

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