Top Three Man Tents For Sale

Opting to buy a three man tent rather than a two person tent is a better choice for many campers. With a two man tent you generally have limited space so choosing something a little bigger is a better option. You can store your luggage, backpacks, coolers and other items and have enough room to sleep when using a three man tent. The market offers such a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles that buying a tent can be a difficult choice. Our group of camping pro’s have put together a short guide on some of the best and most affordable three man tents for sale.

Youtube Video – Check out the Gelert Quickpitch tent and see how easy it is to put up!

Choosing A Type Of Tent

It can get really confusing when buying a tent and there are different types to choose from. Dome tents, backpacking tents, weekend tents, connecting tents, tunnel tents, pop up tents, ridge tents and even geodesic tents. Pop up tents are made for ease of use when putting up, tunnel tents are designed like a tunnel, backpacking tents are compact and light to carry around, dome tents are in the style of a dome, connecting tents are designed to connect to other similar tents, geodesic tents are made for harsh weather conditions and ridge tents are the basic, traditional style. The type of style of tent you choose depends on your personal needs and how experienced you are in putting it up and how and where you are going to transport it. Think about all of these factors before making a definite choice.

Top Three Man Tents For Sale

When looking at tents you will see them described as either double or single skinned.

Double or Single-Skinned?

When looking at tents you will see them described as either double or single skinned. If you aren’t sure what this means then read on to find out. If a tent is single skinned then it is made of one layer which is waterproof. They are often made from fabrics which are breathable allowing the correct ventilation. A double skinned tent will have an inner lining that isn’t waterproof but is generally made from mesh and an outer skin which is waterproof. Hence the outer tent protecting the inner tent from water and provides a lining which reduces condensation and helps to insulate the inside of the tent.

Double skinned tents can be more expensive and they weight more so aren’t ideal for backpackers. They offer more protection that single skinned tents and if the outer layer is damaged then you are still protected with the inner tent. A single skinned tent is lightweight and easy to carry but doesn’t offer as much protection from rain and condensation and they also provide less insulation.

Vango Three Man Tents

Vango offer some great tents at some great prices. They are really popular among the everyday campers and offer a well-rounded balance between interior space, stability and durability. They come packed in a near, compact size making it easy for transportation and are easy to pitch. The Vango tents come in many shapes and colors and their design is one which appeals to many.This specific model comes in cactus green and red and meets all the health and safety standards for tents. Although in the mid-price range this is a perfect option for many novice and professional campers.

Sundome Tents

Sundome are a company who design and sell tents and who are becoming more and more popular within the camping community. They offer easy guides which show you what tent is best for what and which tent features what. The Sundome three person tent comes in a navy and a green color option and you can choose the cabin tent or the dome tent. Their tents offer simple setup, they are flexible and lightweight and are known to have taller center heights. When compared to other tents they are really working their way up on the competition ladder and deserve some respect for their affordability and high quality products.

Field Candy

Field candy is brand new this year and have designed some really unique and original tents which you can’t find anywhere else. Not only are they popular because of their designs but they offer heavy duty zips, extra strong pegs and even lockable storage pouches.They take literally five minutes to assemble and is a great family tent which makes your camping experience more fun than before.

Top Three Man Tents For Sale

The type of style of tent you choose depends on your personal needs and how experienced you are in putting it up and how and where you are going to transport it.

Gelert Tents

Gelert tents are amazing and the thing to invest in if you are looking to use it for camping in the years to come. They are seriously durable and lightweight. Robust with plenty of space and light, the designers have even come up with tents with porch areas for all that extra stuff you bring along. The height and space is something not to be compared against and they have happy, satisfied customers using them all over the world. The one downfall is they do take a little practice to put up but once you have the knack of it you won’t want to buy another make of tent ever again! If you want something a little more affordable and easy to erect then go for the Gelert Quickpitch which is literally a tent which pops up. These are great for the beach, for festivals and for weekends in the garden. They are not as durable as the proper camping tents but will get the job done. They have also designed them in an array of colors and designs so you can choose a tent which suits your personality.

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