There are two things that naturally happen to everyone on the trail. Going to the bathroom and getting dirty are inevitable. That’s why having a camping toilet is nice to have, a little bit of a throne to sit on in your wild kingdom. But how do you go about showering while in mother nature? Do you wait for the rain to come pouring down on your head to bathe in? Although you definitely could wait for the rain, you never really know when it’s going to come down, unless you see the clouds. Then there’s the thunder, a warning to anyone wandering around to seek shelter and fear what is about to come.

Sidenote: Although I wouldn’t recommend being afraid of thunder, it would probably be in your best interest to find shelter when you hear it. And where there is thunder remember that there is also lightning, so seek an area away from tall trees, but also an area where you aren’t the tallest thing in sight.

Ok, back to finding a shower in the wild. If rain isn’t the best answer, remember that nature will continue to provide, so think about where you might find falling water? A waterfall of course! Listen for falling water near a stream or river. You don’t really need a waterfall though, a stream or some sort of body of flowing water will work just fine. Often times it’s easiest to wade into some water about knee high and just lay down alongside the rocks and feel the cool (or cold in certain times of the year) water flow around you. It’s extremely relaxing, especially after a hard day of hiking. Then lather up and let the water rinse you off!

You want what? A portable camping shower? A hot one? Ok, there are some options for you.

1. Find a hot spring. These are the BEST! A natural hot spring is something that feels so strange, because it’s in the middle of the wild, but feels so perfect and is like sitting in a hot tub (if you’ve never experienced one). If you ever get the chance to check one out please do it, you won’t regret it.

Camping Shower

Easy shower solution after a sweaty day of hiking, just hang it from a tree. Water not included. 😛

2. If you’ll be by a river you can fill this outdoor camping shower up and let it sit in the sun all day, then when it’s night time you can shower off with some warm water! Just remember the water isn’t going to last more than a couple of minutes! Tip: Wet your hair and body quickly and shut off the water. Lather and scrub your entire body. Rinse off. This will ensure that you’ll have enough water and you won’t end up with soapy hair. Remember to fill it back up after you’re done so it can heat throughout the next day. A camping shower bag is nice to have along, is simple to use, and doesn’t take up much space.

3. Privacy can be a concern for some, especially if you find yourself in a group setting. Don’t worry, you can get a camping shower tent to keep your self to yourself, without having to worry about anyone peeping. Another nice thing about showering inside one of these is that it will keep you additionally warm by keeping the wind off you and trapping suns heat inside of it.

Warning: Be careful with the type of shower tent you purchase. Many tent showers are not made to hold much weight, so be sure to find one that will hold a 5 gallon shower bag!!!

Most pop up campers don’t have a shower included, which is why it’s sometimes nice to bring one along if you don’t expect you’ll have one readily available.
For anyone with wheels to carry your gear (like a car), a portable shower camping kit would include:

  • Your portable shower
  • Shower Tent
  • Towel
  • biodegradable soap

Dr Bronner Castile Biodegradable Soap

Clean off with the refreshing peppermint smell this biodegradable soap provides.

Camping Shower Tent

Meant to hold 5 gallons, this camping shower tent will keep you feeling secure while you get cleaned up.

This one heats water to 100 degrees with butane gas, it’s sure to get you cleaned up, although be careful when using it inside of some of the smaller shower tents, if to close to an edge it melt or (gasp) burn it down!

Portable Camping Shower

Easy to fill up with water and a quality build, this camping shower is awesome for anyone looking to rinse off at the end of the day.

With all of this camping gear you’re acquiring you might want to start thinking about getting a camping trailer!

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