If you’re getting bored with camping in a tent why not try Pop up campers? Pop up campers offer more convenience in your camping experience. They do take a little time to set up but many camping enthusiasts feel the extra accessories are worth it. Pop up campers are lightweight, with collapsible walls, and can be towed by car. There are also pop up truck campers that attach directly to the bed of your pickup truck. Towable Pop up campers range from 8 to 15 feet. Pop up campers provide a feeling of being in the outdoors while offering many amenities including a kitchen, dining area, bathroom and sleeping accommodations for up to eight people. Pop up campers also have electrical hook ups which add another measure of convenience that traditional tents don’t have.

Pricing for Pop up campers depends on the features it offers as well as make, model, condition, and year. The more luxury top of the line Pop up campers can offer enclosed showers and flushable toilets as well as attachable awnings where you can set up folding camp chairs, like the Coleman Cooler Quad Chair, and enjoy the outdoors. Fleetwood Pop up campers are considered top of the line in Pop up campers. The quality of construction combined with added conveniences have given Fleetwood Pop up campers a golden reputation. Many Fleetwood Pop up campers offer up to 7 feet in headroom which is a plus when camping in Pop up campers. They come with 3 or 4 burner stoves with oven, camping fridges, a double basin sink, built in stereo with CD player, enclosed toilet and shower facilities, and their trademark “Back Saver” bed supports for sleeping comfort. The price range for a new Fleetwood Pop up camper versus a used Fleetwood Pop up camper can be from $30,000 to $4,000 depending on condition. You can find many new and used Fleetwood Pop up campers for sale on sites like RV Trader.

Coleman Cooler Quad folding camping chairs

Sit and relax knowing you’ll sleep blissfully in your pop up camper while surrounded by nature.

Coleman Pop up campers merged with Fleetwood Pop up campers in 1989. The brand is now known as Coleman/Fleetwood Pop up campers. Coleman brought their expertise in camping equipment to Fleetwood. While Fleetwood Pop up campers are more top of the line, Coleman Pop up campers have the same quality, with less amenities, and are more affordable to the average camper. You can get a brand new 2014 Coleman QS6, which sleeps 4 people, with air conditioning, 7 way plug, battery box, and fan and light package for under $7,000. 2014 Coleman Pop up campers with more amenities, and more sleeping room, can cost up to $12,000. A good thing to remember with Coleman Pop up campers is that they hold their value, because of their name, and many older Coleman Pop up campers can still cost around $4,000 to $6,000.

Pop up truck campers can go anywhere your truck can go. This offers greater convenience for travelers who might want to go off-road, hunting or to a deserted beach. They offer more maneuverability than towable Pop up campers and set up time is considerably less. Pop up truck campers are competitively priced ranging from $8,000 for a basic model to over $50,000 for the luxury pull out models. Pop up truck campers’ amenities include port-a-potties, water storage for washing, optional hot water tanks, propane stoves for cooking and usually sleeping room for 4 or more people. In addition, pop up truck campers don’t need to be insured or registered like traditional Pop up campers so you save money. They are easy to detach from your truck and take up little storage room.

You can find pop up campers for sale in many different places. Your local RV dealer will have new and used pop up campers for sale on their lot. You can also find pop up campers for sale in your local newspaper as well as many online sites including RV Trader. You will want to make a checklist of what you’re looking for and consider your budget. Chances are, you will find quality pop up campers for sale within your price range. If you do purchase a new or used pop up camper, make sure to buy a protective pop up camper cover like the Camco Ultraguard Pop up Camper Cover. The Camco cover is ideal for cold or snowy regions and protects Pop up campers from moisture damage.
Camco RV UltraGuard Pop up Camper Cover

Make sure your pop up camper is safe from the elements.

Take a look at Pop up campers if you’re considering a step up from traditional tenting. Pop up campers offer more convenience, for an affordable price, while still preserving the feeling of being in the great outdoors.

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