Guide 101 – Camp Tents for Sale

The market is huge today and business is booming for those who are in the camping retail business. As a customer choosing a tent which is right for you and your family and your specific needs can be a difficult choice. Pieced together by the professionals, here is a guide which will help you understand about all the different camp tents which are on sale and how to choose right when purchasing one.

Guide 101 - Camp Tents for Sale

Camping has given people an affordable way to go on holiday for over a hundred years.

Camping has given people an affordable way to go on holiday for over a hundred years. Camping is becoming more and more popular and the market is rapidly changing. From the basic tents to three bedroom tents with solar powered lighting – camping has come a long way since the 1960’s. If you want to go camping regularly then think about investing in a tent which will last more than just one trip.

YouTube Video – Look at this great video which show some ‘tent basic’ that are important to know!

Popular Brands to Choose From

There are many popular brands to choose from but some of the most well-known include Coleman, Gelert, Easy Camp, Outwell and Vango.

Coleman tents are known for their amazing variety and their high quality. They produce amazing designs which are great for solo campers to campers with large families and young children. Gelert tents are another notorious brand and have satisfied customers all over the world. Professional campers like this brand because of their unique features like mesh ceilings.

Easy camp tents come in all kinds of snazzy designs and is a tent which even the children love. Outwell is another option loved by many because they create durable, sturdy tents which are spacious and can withstand all seasons like this 14 person camping tent in lime green. Vango is another popular brand which won’t let you down when camping either.

What is a Dome Tent?

A dome tent refers to the shape of the tent. Once a tent has been erected it takes on a certain appearance and a dome tent looks exactly that – like a dome. Their structure is created with hoops rather than poles which intersect with one another creating the stability and the shape. Although this is a fancy looking tent it isn’t advised for beginners because it is more difficult to put up that a tent with poles. Most dome tents come with an additional porch area which is great if you are with children because it is an area where you can take off muddy shoes and clothes. They are mostly used for capers with families, at festivals and on hiking holidays. Dome tents come in many prices, styles and sizes so if you think this is what you need browse the market for the many options available. This dome tent has great customer reviews!

What is a Hoop Tent?

Hoop tents have become amazingly popular because they offer a variation on size and they are really versatile tents. They are designed with one, two or even three hoops which means you as the camper can configure the size you want. The structure is designed so that the walls are slightly curved which offers a larger internal space than other tents. Take a look at this one for example.They are lightweight and compact and they are a top option for family campers and solo backpackers alike. The downfall is they aren’t as sturdy as other types so a hoop tent isn’t the preferred design when camping in harsh weather conditions.

What is a Tunnel Tent?

A tunnel tent is exactly that – a tunnel. They are great for families because a tunnel tent allows you the option of sectioning off the tent into different sleeping areas meaning everyone can have their own privacy. Campers can choose to extend their living space with awnings which can be attached to the tent itself. There are even some family versions of tunnel tents available on the market where you can stand at full height! As with all tents they come with great features like windows, fly nets and ventilation systems. They are easy to put up and are light to carry about.

What is a Geodesic Tent?

A Geodesic tent is designed for the very serious camper who will camp in harsh weather conditions like snow and torrential rain. They are dome tents but with extra stability so you don’t get blown off the top of a mountain! Their structure is strengthened through extra intersecting poles and they can also be very spacious inside. The sizes available go up to a six person tent as well so they can also be good for families.

Guide 101 - Camp Tents for Sale

When choosing the right tent to purchase you first need to consider the size you need and your budget available.

How to Choose the Right Tent For You

When choosing the right tent to purchase you first need to consider the size you need and your budget available. Think about what is more important to you, how sturdy the tent is or how simple it is to erect. Think about what you will be using the tent for, just for sleeping or for eating as well. It is good to have a separate sleeping and eating area when camping. Think about the key factors that are important to you and keep a checklist to look at when you are browsing for tents.

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