How to Eat Healthy When Camping

A weekend away in the woods is just what everyone needs and to make it even more perfect try some healthy food when away camping. Can you just imagine yourself going to sleep under the stars while watching the glow of a campfire beside you and waking up to the sound of birds and a shimmering lake while breathing in the aroma from pine trees? Bring your mind and body back to one with nature and feel the benefits that camping can have on your body. To really give yourself a weekend detox make sure you eat healthy and cut out all those bad foods you would normally consume when at home or when working.

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Preparing food for when camping can be a fun and easy task and cooking when on your trip can be just as easy too. With the right amount of preparation, you can be eating gourmet, healthy food from the comfort of your tent. There is many healthy options to choose from you might even consider choosing to eat healthier when you are back home.

Everyone loves hot dogs and s’mores when camping but the nasty thing about these types of foods is that they will probably give you an energy crash later on in the day and probably when you need your energy most. If you want to make the most out of camping then choose some healthy variations when camping. Read on to find out more.


Preparing for all your meals in advance is a great way to make your trip more fun! Make a list before you go of how many people you will be catering for, children and adults and if anyone has any specifications on what food they can and can’t eat. Start by writing down each day, each meal and each snack. For example:

Monday: Breakfast – Oatmeal. Lunch – Pasta with tuna. Dinner – Tortillas with vegetables and chicken. Snacks – Fruit and homemade muffins.

Make sure you always add an extra day’s worth of food to your list so you don’t get cut short and let someone go hungry while away. The next step is to consider all the cooking tools and items you will need for eating away. A cooler is something you can’t do withouttry this cooler on wheels which can also be used as a drink stand when closed! To make organisation easy try investing in a portable kitchen set which has everything you need like this one. This will save time and space when packing everything away and has literally everything you need in one bag. Also don’t forget if you are thinking about doing some cooking in the outdoors then get a set of pot and pans which are made specifically for campfires, like this set.

Healthy and Tasty Food Ideas

When you are thinking about what foods to take camping always take into consideration that foods can bruise easily when being transported so choose hard foods like oranges, carrots, celery and apples. Always pack them in airtight containers and any foods that might go off eat within the first few days. Pack your cooler with larger chunks of ice to keep it refrigerated longer and freeze cans of drinks and bottles of water which will give your cooler additional cooling time.

Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day and if mornings are chilly when camping then choose something warm and filling to start the day off with. Warm porridge made with soya milk and topped with honey and dried fruits is extra tasty and will put everyone in a good mood. If the mornings are warm then try greek yoghurt with fresh berries and honey instead. Yogurt is a good source of protein and will keep any bad bacteria aside in your belly as well.

How to Eat Healthy When Camping

For lunch consider boiled eggs made into egg mayonnaise mixed with chives

For lunch consider boiled eggs made into egg mayonnaise mixed with chives. Fill up pitta bread which is easy to pack and store and prepare some read-to-eat salads with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Pasta is a light and tasty option as well and you can make the sauces before you go or just top with things like tuna and feta cheese. A great healthy sauce is a homemade bolognese sauce. Blend together tomatoes, peppers, shredded carrots and herbs and then store in an airtight container. This can be eaten cold or even re-heated. Not only is this great as a pasta sauce but it is also great as a dip for breadsticks.

For snacks in the afternoon think of dried fruit and nuts which will keep your energy levels high and carrot sticks and cucumber sticks with a tasty dip are healthy to have.

For dinner if you have the cooking essentials then boil up some rice and use some canned chicken and mix with a variety of peas, sweetcorn, kidney beans for a tasty all in one meal. If you fancy using the campfire then cook potatoes on the fire and top with shredded veg and add some cheese on top. If you fancy something sweet then warm up bananas over the fire and drizzle some low-fat cream on them. Fruit salad is also another healthy and tasty option to have.

How to Eat Healthy When Camping

When you prepare your food for your camping trip make sure you don’t pack any of the usual crisps and hot dogs.

When you prepare your food for your camping trip make sure you don’t pack any of the usual crisps and hot dogs. This way you will only eat the food you have bought along. If you are going with friends and family then ask them to do the same so you won’t be tempted by any of the sugary fatty foods at hand. Roasted apples over the fire is a lovely midnight treat that goes well with a glass of wine before hitting the tent!

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