Have you thought you might like to try camping but don’t want to bother with all the poles and instructions involved in tent setup? Or, maybe sleeping on the cold hard ground doesn’t exactly excite you. A camping trailer might be the answer you’re looking for. There are different types of camping trailers available for the would-be adventurer. You can invest in a luxury camping trailer large enough to be hauled behind a pickup truck that comes complete with furniture, appliances (like a camping fridge), air conditioning, shower facilities, camping toilet and even satellite TV making you feel you’re in a home away from home. On the other hand, if you’re a motorcycle or off-road fan you can purchase a small camping trailer that can be pulled behind you on your travels. There are many options available and we’ll take a look at a couple of them.

Larger camping trailers are classified as either travel trailers, like fifth wheel campers, or pop up campers. These camping trailers are pulled behind a vehicle using a tow bar. Travel trailers and pop up campers can be small enough to sleep 2 people or large enough for 8-10 people. They have slide out extensions, which are easily pulled out when parked, providing more room in the trailer. They can be connected to a power source at a camping facility or to a portable camping generator providing the convenience of electricity for lighting and running appliances like the camping fridge. These camping trailers generally need to be on level surface and have jacks to keep the trailer in place while parked. Many camping enthusiasts, who spend a lot of time traveling, enjoy the comfort and conveniences of the travel trailer or pop up camper.

Small camping trailers are ideal for motorcycle travelers or hunters. Motorcycle camping trailers or off road camping trailers must be compact and aerodynamic enough to be pulled behind the vehicle. One example of motorcycle camping trailers is the Solace Motorcycle Camping Trailer.

Camping Trailers

That’s correct, this IS a motorcycle camping trailer!

The Solace camping trailer is pulled behind the vehicle and sets up easily in 5 minutes. It comes complete with many extras including an air mattress, cooler rack combo and air conditioning stand. Headroom in the trailer is 6’7” and there is room for two people to sleep and dine in the small camping trailer. There is also extra storage room, in the trailer, for accessories including a light camping generator like the portable Yamaha EF2000iS which provides power enough for charging vehicle batteries or operating lamps, small appliances or radio. While motorcycle camping trailers don’t have the luxury of the full-size camping trailers they do provide a measure of comfort and shelter for those weekend getaways or cross-country trips.

On the go power with this easy to use gas camping generator.

On the go power with this easy to use gas camping generator.

You can find camping trailers for sale, in a variety of price ranges, in several different locations. One place to look for new or used camping trailers would be at your local RV or camping dealership. You can find many new camping trailers for sale that come complete with the latest and most modern updates. Many RV dealers have pre-owned or used camping trailers that have been traded in by owners looking to purchase a newer model. You can also find camping trailers for sale at recreational expos. Many areas around the country have a yearly RV and boat show where new models of camping trailers are on display. Used camping trailers can be found advertised in your local newspaper or you can find them online through many different sites. The convenience, comfort and assortment of camping trailers make it an option any camper should bear in mind when planning your next vacation or weekend adventure.

Note: Long distance bicycling is also popular and they do make camping trailers for bicycles.

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