Camping Toilet

Is a Camping Toilet Necessary?

If you’re camping in a State or National park (at a normal campsite) you’re probably not going to have to worry about a camping shower or camping toilet because they’re normally provided (sometimes for free and sometimes for a small fee). But what if you’re backpacking the Appalachian trail or you have some land up North that doesn’t have any place to do your business? Some things you might want to consider are the privacy that you’re comfortable with when going to the bathroom, the amount of space you need to do your deed, and maybe some of the local regulations. But is portable toilet camping realistic?

For a male going “number one” isn’t an issue most of the time, it’s “number 2” that can be the problem, unless there’s a fallen tree near by 50 meters off the trail. But even then it’s not very comfortable using bark as your seat. If you’re a female, squatting becomes your best friend but that can be messy and also uncomfortable. That’s where this post becomes helpful for you. Let’s look at the options out there and find out which might be best for you and your situation.

Camping Toilet and Shelter
This is the whole-kit-and-kaboodle to get your business done in..

Being in the RV world and/or most fifth wheel campers usually have their own private bathroom. However, if yours breaks you might need to have a replacement. Or maybe your camper doesn’t have a bathroom in it. Either way, you’re going to want a portable toilet for camping and if you still want the privacy and comfort of an indoor bathroom you might want to check out this toilet and camping toilet tent to go with it:

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gallon Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet
The perfect solution for inside the camper, or out.

Car Camping is convenient, very affordable (great gas mileage compared to an RV) and easy to zip around from one place to the next. But like most things in life there are compromises and that’s space. You don’t have much space to carry things with a car so the last option for a camping toilet probably won’t work, but there are still a couple of great options for you.

Camping Toilet
One option for your camping toilet needs.
Portable Camping Toilet
Simple option for portable camping toilet.

Ultimate portable camping toilet idea: If you want to make your own get a 5 gallon bucket from your shed. If you don’t have one ask your neighbor for one or check craigslist for a free one. Then buy a toilet seat like this one:

Honey Bucket Portable Toilet Seat Cover
A universal toilet seat that can fit on most 5 gallon buckets.

Boom, easy and customizable for you and your comfort level.

TIP: buy some disposable bags and use them inside your camping toilet and bury it after you’re done for and easy and clean duty process. 🙂

But if you’re going into the woods for a few days where there are no accommodations you might want to bring a lightweight trowel to help you dig a hole whenever you need to go. Talk about the easiest camping portable toilet! Just don’t forget your toilet paper.

Reliance Fold-to-go Portable Toilet
Dig a hole below and away you go!

Stansport Cabana Privacy Shelter Tent
Great for using as a shower or porta potty.

Stainless Steel Folding Trowel (and case)
Search amazon for Trowel for dozens of options, this one has good reviews.