Camping Activities for Adults

Camping Activities for Adults

It is actually unbelievable how much fun adults can have when stuck outside in the middle of nowhere with a beer, a tent and some good friends. Our team have enjoyed doing research this week on adult activities and we enjoyed it even more when we tried some of the games out. There is so many things you can do when camping and to enjoy your holiday away and make the most of it we have come up with even more fun ideas and activities that you can take part in when spending time in the outdoors!

Lawn Twister

Pretty self-explanatory. Paint a “twister board” onto your lawn and get started! We cut a 10 inch circle out of a pizza box and used it for my template, then made the circles using contractors marking spray paint (that washes off.)

Family Olympics

Running races, swimming relays, a water balloon toss, 3-legged races, darts, pie-eating contests…the possibilities are endless! It doesn’t take long to bring out the spirit of competition at large family events…usually followed by lots of laughs! Be sure to be prepared with “Olympic Game Medals” to award to the victors made out of candy bars attached to pieces of ribbon.

camping activities for adults
camping activities for adults

Talent Show

Keep it low key so no one feels pressured to do something outside their comfort zone. Invite everyone to put their name or their group’s name on a sign-up sheet but no one has to participate. Numbers should be 2 minutes or less so everyone can participate that wants to without making it too long. Encourage creativity! It’s a great chance for cousins to work together and a fun way to showcase talents and interests. Lots of laughter guaranteed!

Tug of War

A classic. All you need is solid rope, and some tape to mark the center of the rope and mark 8 feet on each side of the center. Dividing the family into teams is part of the fun. The battle of the sexes is a popular approach, with boys versus girls or uncles against aunts. It could be one branch of the family challenging another, or the adults going up against the young. The game can be more fun if the rope extends across a small stream, a puddle or a water sprinkler.

Who Am I?

Simply write the names of everyone at the reunion on small slips of paper and drop them in a hat. Then have each player draw a name and tape it to someone else’s forehead — without allowing him to see it. Players mix and mingle, asking other participants yes-or-no questions (“Do I have kids?” “Am I taller than you?”) until everyone figures out whose name is taped to his or her forehead.

Awards Ceremony

As a final activity, have an awards ceremony and give out candy/certificates for things like “best sunburn” or “loudest snorer.” It will get everyone laughing and help cement the good times in everyone’s memory before it’s time to go home.


  • Water Balloon Fight– the original water balloon classic!
  • Water Piñatas– Hang your water balloons and grab a stick!
  • Water Balloon Toss– Stand directly across from your partner. Start off close, and with each successful toss and catch, take a step back. Continue until someone gets wet!
  • “Hot Water” Balloon– Just like Hot Potato, but a little colder!
  • Water Balloon 3-Legged Race– Have each racer hold an individual balloon. Who ever wins, gets to throw the unbroken balloons at the opponents of their choice!
  • Water Balloon Catch– Use the belly part of your shirt to throw and catch the balloon.
  • Water Balloon Egg Relays– Carry your balloon on a spoon! This is really tough, so it may be easier to use serving spoons.
  • Water Balloon Shot Put– Who can shot put their balloon the furthest?
  • Water Balloon Tag– Whoever is “it,” carries the water balloon. If you get hit and the balloon breaks then… “Tag you’re it!!”
  • Water Balloon Dodge Ball– Just like regular Dodge Ball, but be careful the balloons do not break on the ground before starting. Play nice—No hitting in the face!!!
  • Water Balloon Volleyball– 2 teams of 2 people stand holding each end of a towel. Use the towel to catch and throw the water balloon over the net!
  • Water Balloon Art– This is compliments of my 5 year old niece—throw balloons onto the ground, and look at all the pretty designs you can make.
  • Water Balloon Darts– Hang up some balloons (the smaller the easier), and see who can hit the target!
  • Pin the Tail on the Water Balloon– This is for older kids, but still make sure an adult is around for safety reasons.
  • Water Balloon 500– You need one person to be the thrower and a group of people standing a good distance away to catch. The greater the distance, the older the kids. When throwing the balloon, the thrower announces a number value to the balloon.  If someone catches the balloon, they get the amount that was called out.  Continue this until someone racks up 500 points. To make the game longer, the thrower can call negative numbers.


It’s perfect for summertime fun and great for a family camping trip. However, you don’t have to reserve this fun glowing game for summer, it’s great for indoor fun as well. Turn off all the lights and enjoy a fun game of indoor bowling if it is raining outside!

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Aside from some plastic water bottles and glow sticks, you’ll need a good sturdy ball, like a soccer ball, to bowl down your glow-in-the-dark pins. You can find glow sticks in the party aisle at discount department stores, or check your local dollar store.

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Adults, you will need:

Remove any labels from your water bottles. If water bottles are new and still contain water, pour out a little off the top to allow for the glow stick you’ll be adding.

Crack the glow sticks to activate them (according to package directions) and drop one glow stick in each bottle. Replace the lid on the bottle securely.

Line bottles up like bowling pins. The back row should have 4 pins, the next row will have 3, next 2, and finally 1 at the front.

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To keep the game fair, especially if you have a range of ages playing, set a distance for each age group. Smaller children are allowed to stand closer to the pins while older kids that need more of a challenge should stand farther back.

Glow in the Dark Bowling is a fun game that can be played year round and will provide plenty of giggles and smiles.

Flipper Fill-Up


  • Flippers
  • Large tote filled with water
  • Small bucket
  • 2 or 3 Gallon bucket

To Play:

This is a timed event. Participants put on flippers, fill up the small bucket (from the large tote of water) and walks to the 3 gallon bucket with the small bucket on their head. Once they reach the 3 gallon bucket, they pour the water into the bucket. They run back to the start line (still in flippers) where they tag their teammate, remove their flippers, and their teammate puts on the flippers, etc… Once the bucket is full, the timer is stopped. Record the time.

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Lead and Guide


  • Nylons
  • Blindfolds/Bandanas
  • 10 random items
  • Cones, string or tape


Cut nylons in smaller sections. Tie smaller sections in loops. Designate a large area with cones and then mask off a 4×4 section in the center, either with cones, string or tape.

To Play:

This is a timed event. Each team chooses a director and the rest of the teams find a partner, using the looped nylon tie one of their legs to their partner. Everyone but the director puts on a blindfold. Someone from an opposing team takes the ten random objects and places them through the large designated area. The director guides each partnership to the items, where they must pick it up and be directed back to the designated 4×4 section where they will place the item. Once all ten items are placed in the 4×4 area, the timer is stopped. Record the time.


Each team records their score and times for each event on a piece of paper. In the end, collect all the papers and assign 3 points to the fastest team in each event, 2 points for second place and 1 point for third place. Add up the totals and announce the overall winner.

Bon Appetit – Great for getting everyone fed the fun way

PREP TIME– 20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Sandwich Materials (Bread, Condiments), Plastic Knives, Plates (optional), Bowls for Condiments (optional), Tables for Materials to Sit On, Plastic Gloves for Every Contestant

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 7-10 Participants per Team

Each participant will need to put one condiment on the sandwich before tagging the next person in line. Have a bowl with condiments (or packets if possible) for contestants to use- this will speed things up and eliminate unnecessary time waiting to share items.

Once the sandwich is complete, the “eaters” will then eat the sandwich one bite at a time. If you’re group is repulsed by this idea, you can have someone cut the sandwich into squares and make the “eaters” eat their square.

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Turn Things Up a Little…

Sometimes even the best of us need a way to engage on trail.  Hiking activities encourage all ages to engage their senses and pay attention to their surroundings as they explore the woods, desert, mountains and streams around them.

camping activities for adults
camping activities for adults

Not sure that your group will be into hiking games or trail activities? Rest assured if you present this scavenger hunt in a fun, playful way, all will be able to enjoy your next tromp in the great outdoors.

Below you will find a list of scavenger hunt items that you can tweak to your hiking destination. Break it down into a couple of different lists and take them on a multi-day backpack.

Ideas for Fun Trail Activities

  • Find a heart shaped rock.
  • Find an animal’s home.
  • Find a creature in the clouds.
  • Find three different leaves.
  • Find four different shades of green.
  • Find a friend’s shadow and wave to it.
  • Find something that smells pretty.
  • Find a place where erosion is occurring.
  • Stop. Listen. What do you hear?
  • Spin in a circle slowly and count the trees around you.
  • Pick up 3 pieces of litter.
  • Get down on your hands and knees and find the tiniest plant you can see.
  • Rub the bark of a nearby tree. Is it smooth or rough? Now look for insects on the tree bark.
  • Wade into the creek/lake/stream. Do you see any fish or insects?
  • Give the person you are with a hug.
  • What is the tallest thing around you?
  • Pretend a predator is after you. Where is the best hiding spot you can find?
  • Can you find all the colors of the rainbow?
  • Can you find a small puddle or some standing water? When did it last rain?
  • Take 15 steps walking as slowly and quietly as you can. Pretend you are sneaking up on something.
  • Look around and try to find a bird’s nest.
  • Find a piece of scat. What animal left it behind?
  • As always, these activities are meant as a guide to get your imagination rolling.


Berry Picking

Autumn brings some sort of edible berry to almost every climate. The best patches close to roadways, cities and towns will be quickly picked over — but if you’re willing to hike a few miles into the woods, you can almost always find lush patches of berries ready for the picking.

Of course there are some poisonous berries out there, too. Sometimes they can look quite a bit like the edible cousins you’re looking for! So make sure you know what you’re picking. If you’re not positive, bring a plant identification guide or — better yet — a real, living and breathing plant expert with until you’re confident in your own identification skills.


Don’t be too fast to assume that just because you’re off the beaten track, the lakes and streams are barren. Quite the opposite, in fact — there are usually plenty of native fish, and sometimes your local department of fish and game may even stock semi-remote lakes.


Berries aren’t the only wild edibles out there. From nuts and seeds to roots and flowers, you can collect real food as you hike — but only if you know how to tell the safe from the unsafe.

We think of berries and other wild fruits as the training wheels of the foraging world. If you’re going to delve deeper, you need A+ confidence in your ability to correctly identify safe wild foods. Getting there is easier than you might think — start with a healthy dose of caution and common sense, then tackle a few local plant walks or foraging walks, led by local experts, to get yourself started.


Geocaching puts your navigation skills to the test — finding the cache is the prize. If you’re orienteering, getting there first (or sometimes, getting there at all) is the prize.

It’s up to you to find your way to a series of checkpoints with nothing but a map, compass, and your (or your teammates’) physical fortitude. Orienteering is fun on its own merits, but it’s also a great way to learn and practice the type of navigation skills you need for some backcountry adventures.


Photography and hiking go together like… well, like just about any cliche you can think up. There’s just so much out there to see. Bringing photographs back is a way to share that beauty with others, or prompt your own memories of the places you’ve been.

Just one warning: Don’t get so carried away with your photographs that you forget to drink in the natural beauty with your own eyes, too.

Scrambling and Climbing

From a hiker’s perspective, many of us will enjoy a good scramble just as much as any climber — heck, some of us are climbers, too! But if you’re venturing onto technical terrain (where you really need a rope or specialized skills to be safe), make sure you and everyone else in the party understands the risks and has the right skill set for managing them!

Even mild exposure merits respect and caution. But with that said, a good scramble or climb — when tackled knowingly — is a ton of fun!

Sit And Watch

“Getting somewhere” is one of the biggest reasons we hike, right? But sometimes just getting outside — and really being there — is enough of a destination.

Try this and see what you think: Instead of hiking to a specific place, just hit your favorite trail and find a place — preferably off the trail — to sit and watch. You might be amazed by just how much nature goes quiet when you pass by, and how much of it comes spilling back in if you take the time to sit, watch, and listen.


You can learn a lot from books — but I’m firmly of the mind that there’s no better school for real hands-on learning than the outdoors. Outdoor centers, science centers, municipal recreation programs and park facilities are usually rife with learning opportunities.

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Pair hiking with education on outings that teach basic foraging and tracking skills, on birding walks to identify or survey local birds, or on outings that focus on the life-cycle of one specific animal. If no local groups offer such outings, you can DIY with the help of a good guidebook and a little common sense.

The overall goal is to have fun and enjoy your time away, you won’t have time to fit in all these amazing activities but you can try. The most important thing is to relax and enjoy your time away with your friends and family!