Hardcore Healthy Snacks to Take Camping.

A camping trip should be fun and it should be a time where you create memories that will last for a lifetime. Whether you are on your own or with children, camping can be disastrous if you don’t have the right food to feed your family. To be able to stay energised throughout the whole trip you need to choose tasty and healthy snacks that everyone will love! You also need to choose snacks that won’t melt, go nasty or give everyone food poisoning! Have a look at some of these neat snacks to take away with you on that ultimate camping trip.

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Healthy Kids Snacks

It is so easy just to give kids a packet of crisps or a few biscuits to munch on when they are hungry but there are so many cost effective options which are available today that you can really give your kids something healthy to munch on while camping. When camping or on a backpacking trip it is also difficult to transport chocolate, crisps and biscuits without having a disastrous effect on your backpack. Try filling up a few plastic containers with various dried fruits such as strawberries, figs, apricots and mango! The kids will love them and you can get some really nifty tubs which will fit perfect in your luggage. Fill up miniature sized tubs with nuts and seeds which are also really, really healthy to munch on when the hunger kicks in. This unique set of tupperware tubs are designed and made to save space which is something you need to think about when camping.

Hardcore Healthy Snacks to Take Camping

If you want to tackle your hunger and want something with a little more edge then spice up and bake some nuts.

Healthy Snacks for Adults

If you want to tackle your hunger and want something with a little more edge then spice up and bake some nuts. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract, and 1 1/2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive in a large bowl. Add 4 ounces shelled raw walnut halves, 4 ounces shelled raw pecan halves, and 4 ounces raw cashews. Massage and mix in the spices well, then place on a baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes. Once cooked, let aside to cool and store away in a container ready to take with you camping.

Rice cakes are really, really tasty when used with the right topping. Try topping with pesto or even make a homemade veggie spread. Mix broccoli, pine nuts, olive oil and some parmesan together and throw it in the blender with a dash of water and you will have a paste like spread that is really healthy and a great energy booster. If you want to get your little ones eating rice cakes then look at these amazingly tasty and colorful rice cakes with tomato and carrot.

Apart from the usual energy bars, cereal bars and oatmeal biscuits try spicing up your lunch a little with fruit on skewers. Adults and kids love this. Cut up some fresh fruit like apples and oranges, add some dried fruit such as apricots and mangos and stick it all on a skewer. Tortillas mixed with a salsa sauce and diced peppers and onions make for an interesting afternoon snack as well.

Get Creative

Everyone knows it can be boring eating healthy especially if you are little and love crisps! Don’t be afraid to prepare you snacks with a little snazz before you leave home. Try these food shape cutters which are great for vegetables, fruits, cookies and bread. No-one will be able to resist a star shaped strawberry! Make camping fun and wrap a potato in tin foil and bake it over the campfire and then fill with tasty, healthy foods like feta cheese and low-fat mayo. Do the same with a banana and add organic chocolate for a messy evening treat!

Hardcore Healthy Snacks to Take Camping

Make camping fun with healthy and tasty food like feta cheese and low-fat mayo.

Camping on your own or with your family should be fun and a time where you all get to enjoy nature together. Don’t ruin your trip by feasting on crisps and biscuits full of unhealthy energy. It will make you feel lethargic and it won’t keep the hunger aside. Keep everyone in a good mood while on a hike down a mountain trail and try some of these healthy options. When you are camping find out if there are any berries or fruits that are edible and that you can pick and eat in your area. Make it fun for the younger members of the family while keeping fit and eating healthy all at once!

Avoid all types of fizzy drinks as they will make you feel bloated and won’t stave away the thirst. Try mineral water with a slice of lemon or lime and maybe add a few dried fruits for an extra sugary taste. Let your creative side arise from within and mix and match foods that you wouldn’t normally merge together. Try peanut butter and avocado on crackers for something a little unique. Always use foods that won’t decay when camping, especially if you don’t have a cooler or any refrigeration space. Dried foods and smoked foods won’t go off and neither will anything canned. Use soya milk as an alternative to fresh milk – it is so much healthier as well! Prepare your snacks in advance so you can enjoy your camping trip and take in the wonderful world around you!

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