There are lots of times you might want more than a cooler to keep your perishables from getting warm while camping. Have you ever considered a camping fridge? Probably not, since they are assumed to be to large for the occasion, and some are. But there are some great options out there for you as I’m about to show you, although be prepared, having one might turn normal camping into luxury camping.

Why have a camping fridge freezer?
– More selection of foods you can eat while on the road because you have more to choose from to bring.
– Keep foods cold
– Store left-overs
– Prepare foods that you’d normally have on home (that require refrigeration), before you leave on your trip so there is less cooking on the road.

Why not?
– There are plenty of other options to choose from that don’t require a fridge. Some camping meal ideas might include spaghetti and some tasty sauce (without the meat), dried soup (just add water!), or fish from the local lake.
– Too large to carry around (unless you have a truck or camping trailer).
– Not as good for the outdoor experience. You’re trying to get away from the everyday conveniences that life has to offer. This will allow you to appreciate them more when you are around them.

A make-shift fridge:
Insulated Cooler with dry ice. Get dry ice from your local Wally World. Insert dry ice into cooler with a towel over it. Insert food. Done. Caution: Do not touch the dry ice with your hands. Carefully handle it with a thick glove or towel. It will freeze/burn any skin that touches it.

Ok sorry, I know you have already thought of that so what are your real options and where can you find a camping fridge for sale? There are a few options for “gas only” fridges however if you’re looking for different power options (or run out of gas while on the road) a 3 way camping fridge might be a better idea.

A 3 way camping fridge is a fridge/freezer with three different ways of powering it. Quite conveniently you can power it from an outlet (120volt), liquid propane or even a 12 volt dc battery. These are nice for the daily camping trips, if you’re living in the RV World, or as a backup for home use. The downside to these is that it takes a while for them to cool down and most people will turn them on a day before they leave so that they’re ready to go by the time you leave. Often times people will turn to just using a cooler and ice because they are simply easier to use. Tip: Remember to properly ventilate the fridge when running it on LP because there is a small flame. Take a look at this one from Amazon:

3 Way Camping Fridge

Small enough to bring along, yet perfect for the left over meals you don’t want to throw away!

*If you’re in Europe you can find the camping fridge UK version at Camperlands.

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