Okay, so you’ve gathered up all the necessary supplies for your next camping trip. The sleeping bags are rolled up and ready to go and the tent is aired out and packed up. So, what are you going to make to eat while you’re on your next great adventure? You don’t have to limit yourself to typical camping food any longer. Use your imagination, a few easy camping meal ideas from websites and ideas from friends and you’re ready to enjoy a gourmet camping vacation. First, let’s make sure you have some of the essentials. You’ll need a good camping fridge or cooler like the Igloo Cool Chill Thermoelectric Cooler. This 40 quart cooler uses a 12v DC adapter you can plug into your car and cools to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use it upright as a fridge or horizontal as a cooler. I would invest in a good Dutch oven or skillet. You will also need a good camp stove, griddle or camp oven to cook on. Camp Chef or Coleman manufacture some of the best cooking appliances for camping. You will also want to have a supply of aluminum foil, cooking utensils and knives, and a variety of spices.

Igloo Cool Chill Thermoelectric Cooler (Mercury:White, 40-Quart)

Gather all of your camping meal ideas in this cooler to make sure nothing spoils.

The best thing to do before you go shopping is to make a meal plan for the days you will be camping. Since your refrigeration space is limited try to come up with ideas to make wise use of the space. Make your big meal in the evening. Try to plan meals that are easy to put together and simple to cook. Include breakfast ideas like eggs, pancakes or even French toast. There is nothing wrong with a morning yogurt or breakfast bar and juice either. Lunch ideas can include sandwiches made with bread or pita pockets using canned tuna or canned chicken.

I enjoy making what I call “Hobo dinners”. Hobo dinners are easy camping meal ideas. They include everything in one convenient foil packet and they are delicious. For example, I take a sheet of aluminum foil and put a boneless chicken breast on the foil. I cut up and add veggies like onion, a little garlic, green and red peppers, summer squash, and potato. I sprinkle a little olive oil over the chicken and veggies with a dash of salt and pepper. I wrap up the chicken and seal the ends of the foil. I might shake the foil to evenly coat the chicken and veggies. I place these packets on the grill or in a camp oven and cook for about a half hour. When they are done, I pull them out, open them up and enjoy. Clean up is so simple. Dispose of the aluminum foil in the recyclable bin and you’re done.

Meal ideas for camping are everywhere on the internet. You can find ideas from personal websites, sites like Pinterest and other social media, or on camping websites. There are also excellent books available for easy camping meal ideas. “Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking” is a wonderful resource for easy but delicious and healthy meals. This book contains over 100 easy camping meal ideas. “Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors” is another terrific book filled with meal ideas for camping as well as tips on planning meals and shopping lists. You might be limited in the space you have available to cook but the only limitation to meal ideas is your imagination.

Planning your camping meal ideas is just as important as making sure all your equipment is in order. A well planned menu, with easy camping meal ideas, will add a dimension of pleasure to your next camping adventure.

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