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Nice things to have while on a camping trip.

Living in an RV World

The RV world is a fun place to be in, especially in todays world. Being able to travel or vacation wherever you want and knowing you have your place to call home away from home is really fun. And in todays world you can have bring all your technology with you, unless that’s what you’re trying to get away from. Let’s look at a few places that sell them and also some of the pros and cons to owning one.

An RV is a great way to travel because everything is right there for you and ready to go. When you get to your destination you don’t have to worry about checking into some hotel that you’ve never been to because your RV is your personal hotel. And if you’re RV camping you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a tent and on the hard ground because there are many beds with mattresses inside your RV. There’s just less to worry about, you don’t have to worry about camp beds because there are many inside of your camper, you don’t have to worry about it being too cold or too hot outside, you don’t have to worry about how to keep your food cold etc… And if you’re visiting your spouse’s parents your mind can rest assured that you’ll have a place to get away for a little while, if even just a few seconds away.

The cons of having an RV is that they take a lot of fuel, RV campers average around 5-10 miles to the gallon. Fifth wheel campers are nice in that respect, because most trucks now a days get a lot better gas milage (even while towing), and when you’re fifth wheel is set up and ready to go you can detach your truck to do your local site seeing.

This particular model new can be around 100k!
This particular model new can be around 100k!

There are plenty of RV dealerships around but here are a few to take a look at if you’re in their area. Holiday world RV has 3 locations. One in Dallas, another in Houston and one across the border from El Paso, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The reason that Holiday World RV is a great place to find an RV online is because they have internet only specials that can save you a lot of money. They also offer financing, so if you’re looking for an RV, fifth wheel campers, pop up truck campers, or even pop up campers, this would be a great place to start.

Amazon has a ton of RV extras: RV Covers, Battery chargers, carrier mounts, leveling blocks and so much more… Check out some RV Accessories here.

Another great place to look for an RV is on the East coast and called the RV world of georgia. They have about 200 (as of this writing) different brands and many varieties to choose from, new and used. The rv world of GA can service your rv and will even buy your rv for cash if you’re looking to sell. They also have a very nice section on their website with online resources about RV living and the RV world. When you’re researching RV’s it’s always a good idea to look in different places for the best deal.

Fifth Wheel Campers
Fifth Wheel Campers are nice to have when you want to visit the surrounding area you’re in without having to drive around the bulk of an RV.

RV world of Yuma has been around since 1991 and is one of the best dealers in Arizona. Similar to the RV world of Georgia, RV world of Yuma carries about 200 in stock of various models and sizes.

If you live in the Northwest corner of the US you might want to gander across the border into New Brunswick Canada where they have The RV World Fredericton. On their website you can find specials and even rentals if you plan on spending some time with our friends to the North.

Enjoy living in your RV World.

Here’s a video on how to Spot a Lemon when Buying an RV:

Are Pop Up Campers Better?

You are probably interested in the different kinds of pop up campers that are on the market right now, or which are the best or most affordable.  You’ve come to the right place, I’m here to help! I’ll help you decide which is best for you, from coleman pop up campers to fleetwood pop up campers or even used pop up campers I’ll do my best to help guide you through to make the best decision possible.


You could be living in the RV world, but pop up campers are much more affordable, easier to maintain, and take up less space. Why? They are more affordable because they are smaller and more compact, you can find fixer-uppers for only $300-400 dollars on the low end (although the less they are the older they probably are, maybe the mid 90’s).  I was just looking at a seller on Ebay from PA that has some amazingly low prices (from 2003, and 400 pop up campers in stock apparently). Pop up truck campers can start around 1,000 and go up from there.


A great way to set up camp!
A great way to set up camp!

Let’s look at a very popular type of pop up campers, coleman fleetwood pop up campers.

First off it’s important to know that from my research coleman isn’t producing the fleetwood pop up campers anymore.  But just because they aren’t making them anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get on, in fact it might mean you’ll get a better deal all around. Check your local classifieds for pop up campers for sale, you never know… you might find a really great deal!


Family size is important to think about when deciding on a pop up camper vs pop up truck campers. If it’s more than you and your partner then you probably want to get a pop camper for its extra room. My cousin and her husband have three young girls (7 and younger) and they fit in a pop up just fine because it can fit 5.


If you don’t mind a little setup when you arrive at your destination then a fleetwood pop up camper might be right for you, but if you want a little less set up work pop up truck campers might be a better situation for you. I personally like the truck pop up camper because it’s so easy (hardly any setup), but kids aren’t an issue for me, so space isn’t as necessary.


It sets up faster and is easier to get around with.
It sets up faster and is easier to get around with.

An extra thing you might want to consider getting is a camping toilet or a camping shower. Most state parks have these amenities but if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have these things you’ll probably be happy you brought them along. There are simple portable shelters that can act as a room for either activity that are only around $20. The camping toilet can be around $50 or you can dig a hole in the ground for free (depending on where you’re staying of course). Check out these Camping Showers and Shelters on


Remember to check your local craigslist for used Pop up campers, this is a great way to save money from the sticker price and also maybe even taxes (check local tax regs to make sure). Remember to thoroughly check over the camper before you buy it, as you need to make sure that the condition is as good as the seller claims it to be.

Here is a video that you might want to watch on how to set up your coleman pop up camper (sorry it’s a little old):


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