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Luxury Camping- The Latest Trend

Luxury camping, or glamping, is the latest trend for people who want to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor camping without all the hassle of tent or trailer setup. Luxury camping is becoming popular worldwide. Imagine enjoying the beauty of the French countryside without masses of tourists overwhelming your vacation. We will take a look at a few luxury camping sites in the UK, France and the United States. Perhaps when planning your next adventure you might want to consider luxury camping.

Luxury camping UK is becoming the alternative of choice for individuals wanting to experience a different type of camping experience. One of the most popular camping adventures is the Glastonbury Festival which is scheduled for June 25 through June 29 in 2014. The Glastonbury Festival is a huge music extravaganza featuring over 100 musical acts in a variety of genres. It includes such popular artists as The Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins and Robert Plant as well as many more. If you want to get an idea of what the festival is all about you can buy or rent the movie “Glastonbury: The Movie”. Land & Sky Glastonbury luxury camping offers the ultimate package to enjoy luxury camping and the festival. Land & Sky has luxury camping yurts available only a short distance from their own private entrance into the Glastonbury Festival. Land & Sky luxury camping UK is the ideal location if you want to enjoy the international music festival.

If you are looking for a little more peaceful camping experience you could try luxury camping Cornwall. Cornwall is a gorgeous area in the south of the UK which is close to beaches and lovely countryside settings. There are a variety of luxury camping alternatives available in Cornwall. A unique luxury camping site is located in St. Ives. The Escape Podz offer extravagance for your luxury camping Cornwall adventure. The geodesic dome structure is set in the middle of 2 acres of private farmland close to wildlife with a stunning view of the sea. This modern luxury camping facility has room for 4 people, comes with a kitchen and bath area, a private deck, and a Jacuzzi. It is only a 5 minute walk to St. Ives and the beaches and is a plush option for travelers wanting to enjoy luxury camping at its finest. If you’re looking for relaxation, and maybe a little inspiration, this gorgeous luxury camping site should be a consideration for luxury camping UK. Lonely Planet’s book, “Devon Cornwall and Southwest England” should give you plenty of ideas for places to explore on your Cornwall adventure.

The South of France is a gorgeous destination if you’re considering luxury camping France. Le Serignan Plage is a terrific option. This luxury camping France site is only moments from beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean. They have cabins, cottages, chalets and luxury camping tents available. The luxury camping tents are spacious, airy and offer many amenities. They have stoves and refrigerators available as well as air conditioning units for the sultry summer months. Each tent site comes complete with sleeping accommodations for 4 people. In addition, these rustic but luxury camping sites have hammocks for relaxing in the dazzling summer sun. If you’re thinking of luxury camping France, think of Le Serignan Plage.

The ultimate in luxury camping California can be found in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Monterey Bay, California. Nestled in the middle of a beautiful Sequoia forest is a luxury camping treehouse. It is a very sturdy design and one of the most unique camping adventures you will have. This treehouse has all the amenities you need to enjoy your stay. There is a fully functional kitchen with stove and refrigerator and stocked with spices and condiments. It has a shower with toilet. There is also a deck where you can sit and enjoy the nature surrounding you. Underneath the treehouse is a hot tub, kept constantly at 103 degrees, where you can relax after a hiking trip or day spent at the beaches of Monterey Bay. This luxury camping accommodation also has a resident cat. It is a childhood pleasure upgraded for adult enjoyment.

If you want to get away from the stresses of everyday living you might want to consider taking a luxury camping vacation. Anywhere in the world you can indulge yourself in the glory of nature without the hassle of setting up a camp site. Explore your world with a luxury camping adventure.

Outdoor Cooking with a Camp Oven

Cooking while you’re camping doesn’t need to be a hassle. There are alternatives to cooking over a campfire grill. A camp oven is convenient and provides almost the same cooking experience you would have at home. A camp oven affords you the opportunity to cook a variety of meals while you are enjoying your outdoor vacation. You don’t need to be stuck eating hot dogs and hamburgers every day. With camp oven cooking you can make pizza or a roast with vegetables while enjoying your camping adventure.

There are two popular camp oven brands many campers recommend. The Camp Chef Oven and Coleman Camp Oven are a step above the rest in providing excellent cooking experiences in camp oven cooking. Camp Chef offers two categories of camp oven. The Camp Chef Portable Oven is great for short camping trips. It has a maximum temperature of 400 degrees so you should be able to cook almost anything you would like. It is portable so this camp oven is a little smaller. It operates with a small propane tank and uses very little propane per meal. You can cook almost 7 hours using the highest setting. Camp Chef also makes a Camp Chef Oven with 2 stovetop burners. The Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with 2 Burners offers a little more in camp oven cooking. The Camp Chef outdoor camp oven measures 10 x 12 x 10 so you can bake cookies, muffins, and a small roast or other meals. You can use the burners to cook vegetables and side dishes. This Camp Chef oven also uses a small propane tank and has matchless ignition for the oven and burners. You can cook almost 5 hours on one tank of propane.

Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Oven
Cook your favorite meals with the Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Oven.

Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven with 2 Burner Camping Stove
Add this burner to your oven for an even more versatile propane cooking system.

Coleman offers similar products in its camp oven line. The Coleman portable camp oven is a small camp oven for baking muffins, biscuits or small meals. It needs to be used with a Coleman 2 or 3 burner camping stove like the Coleman Two Burner Camp stove. The Coleman Camp Oven is placed on the burner surface and heats up from there. It is inexpensive and easy to use. The oven dimensions are small and you can fit one muffin pan or small tray in at a time. Coleman also has a version of the oven and stovetop cooking appliance. The Coleman 9650 has a small oven and two burner cooktop for making easy meals while camping. You can cook bacon and eggs while making biscuits in the oven. It has less BTUs than the Camp Chef oven, is operated with propane and has battery assisted electric ignition. There is a temperature gauge on the front panel. The maximum cooking temperature is also 400 degrees.

Coleman Camp Oven
Bake your favorite meals (and desserts!) in this Coleman Camp Oven

Coleman PerfectFlow Stove
Compact Stove, perfect for wherever your car camping adventures take you.

Coleman Outdoor Gear Camping Oven
This all in one camp oven/stove can help you with every meal, day or night.

Using a camp oven requires a little imagination and flexibility. You won’t be able to cook larger meals like you can at home. You will have to cook in stages. If you’re looking for great camp oven recipes, which have been tested by other campers, you can look on a few different sites to find them. Pinterest has a board just for camp oven recipes like pizza, cinnamon rolls, hobo stew, shrimp and pasta, and steak and eggs to name a few. Camp Chef offers a page on their site for Camp Chef oven recipes as does Coleman on their camp oven site. YouTube has a variety of videos available for making camp oven recipes. The Boy Scouts even have a recipe page on their website for camp oven cooking. While you might be limited in size, as to how much you can cook, you are only limited by your imagination as to what you can cook.

Camp oven cooking offers more convenience and variety for the regular camping enthusiast. You can practice your gourmet skills while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the great outdoors. You don’t need to be limited in your menu selections anymore. Check out a camp oven and watch your meal options expand.

Camping Heater: A Camping Necessity

If you’re a seasoned camper you know how a camping heater can make the difference between enjoying your camping adventure and wishing you were back home. Even if you camp in the summer months, chances are nights can get cold and the idea of sleeping in a freezing tent or camping trailer is less than ideal. A camping heater can extend your camping season year round. In addition, washing dishes in cold water, in your camping sink, or taking a cold shower, in your camping shower, is not very appealing. A camping heater is not just for luxury camping, it is a necessity. We will take a look at different types of camping heaters and how they are essential for your camping venture.

You can find a camping heater fueled by various sources. If you’re in a pop up camper, camping trailer or RV you will probably be using either a propane camping heater or electric camping heater system. Many RVs, camping trailers and pop up campers come equipped with a camping furnace fueled by propane or electricity. If you’re at a facility with electric hookups, the electric camping heater is more cost effective. If you use your propane camping heater, and run it all night, you can expect to have to refill the tank every 3-4 days depending on the BTU of your furnace. If you’re in a tent and using a portable camping heater, like the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater, you can expect to have to change the smaller propane tank every 5 hours. The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater is a radiant heater and stays cool to the touch while doing a very efficient job of warming up cold rooms in a short span of time.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Camping Heater
Warm up quickly with this Portable Propane Camping Heater.

A camping gas heater can be a wonderful thing. It heats fairly quickly and is relatively safe. You should, however, make sure the size of your camping gas heater is appropriate for the space you’re heating. There is always a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the camping gas heater is too large for the area you’re in. A portable camping heater for a tent or small pop up camper should not be more than 5,000 BTU. This should be sufficient to heat the sleeping area. You also want to make sure your camping gas heater does not produce an open flame. This could be dangerous if the portable camping heater is accidentally tipped over.

A camping water heater is a necessity especially in cooler temperatures. There is nothing worse than being cold and having to take a cold shower in a camping shower or having to wash dishes in cold water in a camping sink. A camping water heater in an RV, camping trailer or pop up camper can be operated with electricity or propane. Again, efficiency and cost are factors in deciding which source to use. If electric hookups are available it will be more cost effective to use electricity to heat up your camping water heater. A camping water heater will use less propane than a camping furnace. However, if you run all your appliances in your RV, camping trailer or pop up camper on propane you can expect to be refilling your propane tank quite a bit. The Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater is an efficient camping water heater you might consider. It is a tankless camping water heater which uses propane and a water hookup so it can be used in any camping situation be it RV, camping trailer or even tent. You can set up an outdoor shower, hook up the Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater and enjoy hot water in your portable camping shower. This portable camping water heater will operate for 18 hours on one standard propane tank.

Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater - 5L
Heated showers are possible while camping!

A camping heater and camping water heater will greatly add to your comfort while you are enjoying your relaxing camping adventure. It brings a little bit of the coziness of home to even the most rustic setting. Nothing can replace the luxury of a hot shower and a warm bed. Investigate the type of camping heater that is right for your next outdoors vacation and be safe!

Camping Cornwall in the UK

Cornwall, located in the southernmost part of the UK, is a popular tourist destination. Over five million people visit Cornwall each year. Surrounded on three sides by the Celtic Sea and the English Channel, it has the mildest and sunniest climate in the UK. It has many miles of beaches and the South West Coast Walking Path follows the shoreline. There are many beach areas, in Cornwall, that are popular for surfing and sailing. The Eden Project is a huge tourist attraction. Artificial biomes have been created and thousands of plants from all over the world are grown and maintained here. The book, “The Eden Project: The Guide” can give you an overview of this amazing endeavor.

Camping in Cornwall is a unique experience for every type of camper. Camping sites in Cornwall range from the plush RV motorhome parks to small camping trailers or tent pitch areas. Several Cornwall camping sites are set up on the grounds of older mansions and country homes. The temperate climate in Cornwall allows for almost year round camping.

Veryan Camping and Caravanning Site, near Truro, Cornwall on the Roseland Peninsula, is an example of a posh Cornwall camping. Veryan offers sites for RV motorhomes as well as tent pitch sites with electricity or without. They offer washrooms with camping showers and flushing toilets as well as electric outlets for shaving and hair styling. There is an on site laundromat and dishwashing facilities. Pets are welcome and there is a designated dog walking area. The South West Coast Walking trail is only a mile from the park and the beach is just a little further. St. Mawes is just a little walk from the campsite and you can catch a ferry here to visit Falmouth. Falmouth has great beaches as well as the National Maritime Museum and Pendennis Castle. Veryan has received very favorable reviews for its location and the friendliness of camp staff.

Harlyn Sands Holiday Park overlooks Harlyn Bay in Padstow, Cornwall. It is one of the more rustic Cornwall camping sites. It has eighty tent sites, on the main site, with several more, available in summer, on their Beach Field. Beach field sites have a clear view of Harlyn Bay and are offered to tents and RV motorhomes as well. The tent pitch sites are available with electric or without. As Cornwall camping sites go, Harlyn Sands probably offers some of the most beautiful views of any camping sites in Cornwall. You might want to pitch your tent and set up your folding camp chairs and just soak in the view. The Coleman Camping Oversized Quad Chair with cooler offers a comfy, padded chair with attached cooler that holds 2 to 4 cans of your favorite beverage so you can just sit and soak in the Cornish sun.

Coleman Camping Oversized Quad Folding Chair with Cooler
Enjoy relaxing in the sun while on your trip!

If you’re considering camping in Cornwall and but want something more along the lines of “glamping”, or glamour camping, you can try camping pods in Cornwall. Meadow Lakes is located near the fishing villages of Mevagissey and St. Austell on 56 acres of gorgeous meadowland. The camping pods are constructed from sustainable timber and are well insulated so you can camp there year round. The camping pods are carpeted with heating, lighting and electrical outlets but you must bring everything else such as camping cots, food and something to cook with. You’re welcome to bring a camping BBQ but you cannot cook inside with an open flame. You might consider bringing a Cool Touch Griddle. You can make a variety of food on the griddle including eggs, bacon, hamburgers, or anything you could cook on the stove. Meadow Lakes has washroom areas with shower and toilet facilities. Camping pods Cornwall is a creative idea for camping if sleeping in a tent isn’t your idea of fun.

Presto 22-inch Electric Griddle
Easily cook breakfast wherever you have an outlet, just make sure you have the right plugin adapter.

Camping in Cornwall offers the breathtaking beauty of the coastline as well as the rustic splendor of the English countryside. Camping sites in Cornwall can be as close to the ocean as you like or as far away from the tourist attractions as possible. You can spend your days in a plush RV motorhome park, a rural field or in a cozy camping pod. Whatever your camping needs, Cornwall camping sites will be able to accommodate you. Spend your days exploring this gorgeous area of the UK and your nights gazing into the starlit night sky.

Camp Echo Lake Children’s Summer Camp

Camp Echo Lake New York is situated in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains about 3-1/2 hours north of New York City. Founded in 1946 by the Medine family, Camp Echo Lake has been home to 475 children, ages 7-16, during their summer vacations. A summer long program, for 51 days, Echo Lake camp has the goal of teaching children to work cooperatively, learn self-reliance and build self-esteem. It has a 90% return rate of summer campers who come from the Northeastern United States and all over the world. Camp Echo Lake employs 220 full-time counselors and staff each summer who also come from all over the world. Camp staff must have completed one year of college and many are college and graduate students, teachers, childcare workers, and athletic professionals. Echo Lake camp requires their staff to be role models and an inspiration to the children they are in charge of for the summer.

Camp Echo Lake seeks to instill a sense of being “comfortable in one’s skin” and so emphasis on physical appearance is downplayed. No makeup or hair styling accessories are allowed. Dress clothes are not needed as campers are involved in physical activities throughout the day. A camping wardrobe only needs to include clothing items that allow for comfort. Another important part of the Camp Echo Lake experience is the awarding of “fuzzies”. “Fuzzies” are small little puffs of soft yarn which are awarded to campers and staff who exhibit kindness, cooperation and helpfulness to others. Each night, at dinner, campers and staff are awarded a “fuzzy” if their fellow campers have nominated them to receive one. Once a camper or staff member have received a “fuzzy” they can pass their “fuzzy” on to another camper or staff member they feel is showing the character traits that demonstrate cooperation and kindness. This is the Echo Lake Camp version of reinforcement of good behavior. Campers look forward to receiving their own “fuzzy” and work hard to achieve the honor.

Camp Echo Lake strives to help each camper achieve their best. This includes not only physical activity and cooperative events but also their food choices. The menu at Echo Lake camp is nutritious and delicious. Fresh fruit is served with every meal and a vegetarian menu as well as salad bar are available for lunch and dinner. Their goal is to teach the children the value in eating a well-balanced meal versus junk food. Nutritious food is fuel for the brain and for the body.

Camp Echo Lake also has several programs available to help alleviate parent’s and children’s apprehensions about attending a full summer camping experience. They have an open house in the spring to answer any questions parents might have concerning the camp. They also host a spring picnic for all new campers so they can meet other new campers before the summer program. Echo Lake Camp also has a Big Brother/Big Sister program for new campers. When considering a full summer camping program, it is beneficial to have the opportunity to meet the staff and get questions answered before making the commitment.

When browsing Camp Echo Lake reviews I noted the following common themes. The first was the expense of the camp. For the summer of 2014 the cost, per camper, is $10,925. This includes food, lodging, activities, and bus transportation to and from camp to the local airport or bus station for June 28 through August 17. Many parents believe the cost is worth it for the wonderful experience their children have while others feel the cost is too exorbitant. Secondly, I read several reviews from campers and parents complaining about the quality of the counselors calling them “mean”, “rude” and in one instance “evil”. While they felt the camp experience itself was wonderful, they did feel Camp Echo Lake could do a better job in screening camp counselors. Lastly, in spite of cost and counselors the overwhelming majority of reviews recommended the camp as an affirming place for children to spend their summer. Many campers were returnees with an average of 3 years at the camp.

Camp Echo Lake NY is a well-respected camp with over 47 years in providing a safe and educational summer experience for children. If parents are considering sending their child or children to a full summer program, Camp Echo Lake might be the place they’re looking for. Whenever considering a summer camp experience for your child make sure to completely research the program, staff and facility with the American Camp Association which monitors the accreditation and performance of summer camps. You can read their accreditation standards in the “American Camp Association’s Accreditation Standards for Camp Programs”.